May. 12th, 2009 06:57 am
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This is me putting off getting ready for work.

OTH: I'm a Brooke/Lucas girl but I also love him and Peyton so needless to say I am very conflicted about last nights episode of One Tree Hill. I've heard that Hilarie and Chad both don't want to come back next season but I haven't heard for sure if they will be gone or not. If they both stay everything will be okay. If she leaves, I am just afraid they'll kill off Peyton and THAT would kill me and Lucas. Especially since Peyton told Brooke to take care of him if something happens to her (she's got some condition that might make her and/or the baby die, of course}. That in itself is just sad storyline wise because I think deep down, Brooke still loves Lucas. And while he's always loved Peyton, he loved Brooke too. But for Sophia, I'm sure she doesn't want them to pair her with Chad again. I've always kind of admired her for the way she's handled the Sophia/Chad breakup - at least publicly. A very private thing exploded in her face and she didn't make a peep about it. And then she has had to work with him for the last few years. I don't know but if what I think happened did happen, it might have completely killed whatever was there so it might be okay for her but for me, I wouldn't want to even look at him much less kiss him and stuff. AND if Chad leaves but Hilarie doesn't, that'll mean Marcie won't be watching the show anymore. He's the central character and he cannot leave. End of story. Needless to say, I care way too much about this show and the people involved.

Gossip Girl: While I do think Blair and Chuck belong together, I feel bad for Nate. He just can't find happiness and he keeps breaking hearts and getting his heart broken along the way. I think it'd be interesting if he became a bit more like Chuck because of it all. Hmmm...he's still my boy.

LOST: Ew, I am just so lost but I keep tuning in to get even more lost and hopefully figure a few things out.

Celebrity Apprentice: I knew Joan wold win but I think Annie deserved it more but I hate her.

Amazing Race: I wanted the deaf boy to win but he was a bit of a brat. I liked his Mom though so sadness. As long as the redheads didn't win [bitches] nor the sisters [bigger bitches but I admire the one who was afraid of water for completing that task].

Boston Legal: I know it's been gone awhile but I still miss it like WHOA.

SNL: Justin FTW of course.

Grey's Anatomy: I can't believe Izzie might die. She's my favorite. I couldn't care less about Mere & McDreamy anymore. IZZIE & ALEX!


Date: 2009-05-13 09:40 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
How may daggone journals DO you have, girlfriend?! LOL! I can't keep up!

I'm with you on Lost! I'm just LOST! Can that show GET any more confusing??? At least tonight is the season finale. My brain needs some rest.



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